Saoud Arikat
Coldwell Banker Realty


I've worked with Saoud multiple times. He's helped me with investment properties, as well as homes for me and my family. From the first time I met him I could tell he was going to be easy to work with. He doesn't come off as a "salesmen" at all. He sincerely wants to help and make things as easy as possible for his clients. I've recommended him to so many friends and associates and they've all had the same experience. For me, my family and my friends, he is the only Realtor I'll ever work with.

   -Kevin R.


"If you are looking for a broker that is experienced, focused, and dedicated to bringing your wishes and best possible outcome in your transaction then Saoud is THE ONE. Saoud delivers unmatched commitment and results in all aspects of the real estate process. He is gracious and respectful in all regards, while relentless in exceeding expectations on both sides of deals I have bought and sold. Empire Real Estate - California "

  -Kit Bennitt , Client


"We were incredibly pleased and grateful for having Saoud guide us through this sometimes tricky process. Always available if we had any questions, his professionalism, negotiating skills and dedication were higher than we could have expected. This gentleman made the process pleasant and, in the process, we know he saved us money. We are extremely satisfied with Saoud's service."

  -Christina U., Client

"Saoud was nothing but pleasant and collaborative and helpful in the sale of our two Antioch properties. Given the fact that these homes were my father's and the estate was complex and relationships were sensitive, he was always patient, kind and in excellent communication. The sales were speedy, we got our asking price, and we were well cared for throughout."

  -Ericka R., Client

"We worked with Saoud 3 years ago trying to find a house. It didnâ??t work out for us as our offers were not accepted, but Saoud always responded promptly in regards to viewing houses, his friendliness and professionalism shined through. He made such an impression on us then, when we decided to start looking again last month, I gave him a call. The house I wanted to view, he got us to see the same day. We made an offer and it was accepted 48 hours later. He's remained professional through the entire process and was always on the top of his game. Whenever I had questions, no matter what time of day he always responded right away and when he didn't have the answers, found out for me in record timing. Would absolutely recommend him as a relator to any & everyone!"

  -Danielle D., Client

"Very helpful and caring"

  -Ravinder S., Client

"I was referred to Saoud by a business associate who'd just made a large home purchase in an exclusive community in which Saoud was his agent. But I was just in the market for a small condo for my daughter. Even though our budget was less than a couple hundred grand, Saoud gave us the same level of great service he gave my friend for his multi-million dollar purchase. He treated us like his only clients - he was attentive and always at the ready. Can't recommend him enough."

  -Name Withheld by Request, Client

"Saoud was absolutely amazing! With his colleague ,Colin, they make unbeatable team! With patience and calmness he guided me through the process. I enjoyed the ride and found the service professional and friendly! Will recommend Saoud and Colin to everyone that is looking for a house!"

  -Roni A., Client

"Saoud was a huge help throughout all aspects of the buying process. I never felt the least bit uncomfortable working with him. He responded to my emails promptly, diligently pursuing answers to my questions. He almost always found time to meet with me within a reasonable timeframe. In the rare circumstances he couldn't, he offered to setup a showing with a colleague. Saoud was polite, cordial, and firm when interacting with other parties on my behalf. He kept me regularly informed, even when there was no news. When my bank appraisal came in unrealistically low, Saoud tirelessly submitted comp after comp to try and get the bank, the seller, and myself to a mutually agreeable price. He laid out the various options without pressuring me into any of them (even when one probably would have worked out better for the seller and myself). It was a real pleasure working with him."

  -Tom M., Client

"I work in the government field. I have been in the government agency for 12 years now. I work around the clock hours, so at certain times it's hard for me to see a house during the normal hours. I purchased my home at the end of October 2018. Saoud was my agent. Before I met Saoud, I had three other agents that was not what I wanted, I kinda lost hope in purchasing a home. After meeting with Saoud, and expressed my concords and exactly what I was looking for... within a few hours I received my first listing of my search criteria. Saoud has been extermly professional, answered all my question at any given time... even when I had questions at 12am. After the purchase of my new home there were a few things that I had some concerns about... and sure enough I turned to Saoud, and he took care of the issues and paid out of pocket. With my line of work, it's hard for me to trust anyone.. but after speaking to Saoud for countless hours and times... regardless if it was the same question the ne"

  -Nick V., Client

"Saoud is a realtor I would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy/sell their home. First of all, Saoud has the confidence of an experienced and educated realtor. Every moment of anxiety I had throughout the process of selling my home was eased by Saouds confidence which reassured me that things would work out and that he would work with us to find our new dream home. Saoud works fast and was available to answer questions when we had them and is super easy to communicate with. Basically, he is a realapist (realtor+therapist). When he wasnt behind the scenes making things happen he was counseling my husband and I to learn how to move on from the home we were leaving in order to more affectively move on with the decision we made to sell our home and find a new one. Plus he is also really nice and has a great sense of humor! Thanks Saoud!"

  -Elizabeth P. (Sale and Purchase), Client

"Saoud bent over backwards for us. It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with a reliable professional. I can readily place my trust in and encourage other home seekers to work with.He listen to all of our needs and was there to answer questions along the way. Thanks Saoud for going above and beyond the call of duty."

  -Wendolyn L., Client

"Saoud was exceptional in understanding our desires of a home and our must have items in the home and area. Saoud negotiated a fair price once we selected a home and kept us apprised of the status during escrow. Even though we are experienced home buyers Saoud took nothing for granted and communicated superbly from acceptance to key delivery. With challenges from outside (not controlled by Sauod) Saoud went the extra mile (and then some) to stay focused with meeting the closing date and last minute surprises so we could close and meet our furniture delivery date with ownership and keys! My wife and I HIGHLY recommend Saoud for any and all of your real estate needs and we will use his experience and knowledge again (not just for real estate) as he is now a family friend."

  -Stephen T., Client

"Saoud was such a great realtor to work with! He was so accommodating to all my requests every time. He always answered my calls, texts, and emails no matter how many times I asked or how crazy my questions were. He was also always so prompt in getting the showings of properties for me and the times that were convinient for me."

  -Noelle S., Client

"Exceptional in all regards"

  -Kit B., Client

"Saoud was absolutely incredible, and we are so glad that we found him! Saoud is extremely responsive, very knowledgable of the market, and was able to guide us through the home buying process. Because of Saoud, we had our offer accepted on the first offer we extended! We were able to find a house very quickly, and it was because of Saoud's hard work. Thank you for everything!"

  -Alysha H., Client

"Saoud Arikat is a professional broker that showed an expertise knowledge to his work. His communication skills was excellent . His dedication and trustworthiness make him stand out as an excellent professional. We are very glad to have given him our house to sell and we are happy with the outcome"

  -Nahla E., Client

"I cannot recommend Saoud Arikat highly enough! Every single step of the very complicated process of selling my home went smoothly, quickly and without one hitch or hangup. Not one. Saoud is professional, responsive, thoughtful, pragmatic and pretty much unflappable. He is wonderful to work with: if you are a client of his, he will do everything in his considerable power to ensure that every aspect of what can be an extremely stressful experience is as comfortable as possible. He has over 20 years of experience as a realtor, and that experience gives him superior knowledge about every aspect of the process, whether one is buying or selling. He is just plain awesome."

  -Victoria Q., Client

"Top notch service."

  -Name Withheld by Request, Client

"Saoud was my broker on a difficult sale that required ongoing follow-up to keep the deal alive, and he closed the deal. I will be using his services in the future and has my recommendation."

  -Michael V., Client

"My wife and I had been looking for homes in the Livermore area for about a year and could not find a home that fit our needs. We were referred to Saoud and are so thankful that we had the opportunity to work with him. I emailed Saoud that I was looking to chat, and he gave me a call within 5 minutes and listened to what we were looking for. From there, he helped us narrow our search into what was most important to us which made things dramatically less stressful. When we finally found our home, Saoud was SO helpful and so thorough in making sure we understood what was happening, and always listened to us. Additionally, we were very thankful with how patient and how genuine Saoud is as we had tons of questions and he always answered them in a timely, positive manner. He was outstanding to work with, helped us find our first home, and truly made this process enjoyable. If you are looking for someone that is trustworthy and cares about their clients, there is nobody better than "

  -Johnny M., Client

"Saoud was an absolute joy to work with. He got me more money than I expected and helped me avoid unnecessary costs. He covered all bases in detail in a timely manner. He patiently explained everything pre-sale and during escrow. Saoud went out of his way to make sure everything went smoothly. He made sure to be present when the appraiser was at the property. I noticed he has a great working relationship with other agents, lenders and escrow people. Saoud was VERY accessible. I could reach him on the phone 90% of the time and the other 10% I received a call-back within minutes. (incidentally, I found out he was in the process of selling his own house and moving to northern California during our escrow time! Still he was always available to me). Saoud is a great guy to have on your side. During negotiations the buyer came at us with a massive list of repairs and changes. Saoud reassured me, and spoke to the buying agent. He handled it very well. Saved me lots of money."

  -Felipe A., Client

"Saoud is very good in negotiating and we can trust him. Thank you for your excellent service."

  -Marlene V., Client

"In a few words, Saoud did an outstanding job! Communication was key for me and he was always on standby for us. When we had questions, he was the first to jump to it and get right back to us. He was so easy to work with and would recommend him to anyone!"

  -Krystal S., Client

"We could not have asked for a better Realtor than Saoud. When I first spoke with him I explained what kind of role I wanted him to play in the process of buying our first home and he did exactly what I asked, that is -- 1) show me the houses I want to see and 2) write up the paperwork. I must have seen at least 50 homes between May and November in Moorpark, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Camarillo, and Oxnard. I frequently sent him a list of properties I wanted to view that usually consisted of 3 -7 homes.and he would set up a viewing schedule for the very next day, sometimes the same day because I would send the list around 3AM. We put in at least twenty offers (most of them ten to twenty thousand over the asking price) and lost homes because the sellers would take cash offers or we would just get out bid, especially in Moorpark. This was very frustrating for me and my family but I never once, ever, picked up any frustration from Saoud. He always had a positive attitude!"

  -Jacob F., Client

"Saoud Arikat helped my wife and me sell our condominium, original owners for three decades, on short notice with tenants intact. The transaction was inherently time constrained. We succeeded in achieving a fair sale to a nice buyer in less than one month to close. Saoud is highly communicative and has a lifetime of family experience as an agent, manager and investor. His advice was consistently sound, and he can provide multiple viewpoints which helped us. He is friendly and organized and I would contract with him in the future should the opportunity be presented."

  -Jim K., Client

"I would rank our experience with Saoud on a par with sex and the birth of our first child. We are an older couple with special needs. Before we met Mr Arikat, we suffered through dozens of lackluster realtors who made us feel stupid and small. We had a very dim view of realtors as being incompetent and only being concerned with the bottom line. It was very de-humanizing. Saoud changed all of that. He immediately made us feel important and special. He knew exactly what we were looking for and exerted every possible effort to make buying our house come to fruition. He answered all of our e-mails within minutes, listened to our needs and tried to accommodate them. We can be painful to deal with at times, especially when our life's savings are involved, but Saoud patiently and completely allayed all our fears. He is an expert negotiator and quite simply the most competent person we dealt with. He seamlessly meshed financing, termite reports, insurance needs, etc. We had complete trust in him"

  -Thomas M., Client

"We never thought that, with the way things are going this days with the Covid-19 problem, my condo would be sold, or that it would take a long time to sale it. But, Saoud, !! he should did it !! with such professionalism and knowledge of the situation, he sold it within 5 weeks. He was always on top of promoting the property in every way he could know. I definitely recommend Saoud for his excellent negotiating skills and his fast work. Thank you Saoud ! God Bless you !!!"

  -GIANNINA C., Client

"Saoud has a pleasant personality to work with. He attends to the customers needs and answers questions to his best knowledge. He is professional at this work."

  -Name Withheld by Request, Client

"Saoud is a model example of the Golden Rule in that he treated me exactly as I would hope I would treat myself. Saoud was there through every step of the home buying process, from finding a beautiful house to handing me the keys (by way of Michael Feicco, who is another consummate real estate professional) ahead of schedule! As I came to learn about the many hiccups that are inherent in real estate transactions, I leaned heavily and gratefully on Saoud to get me to the finish line. When other entities failed to keep the process moving smoothly (on occasion demonstrating less than professional standards), Saoud was always there to literally save the day; and as a result, I give him the vast bulk of the credit for getting me into my house. Simply put, Saoud is the best, and I would endorse him in the strongest terms to anyone looking to buy a home."

  -Hrand A., Client

"Cool guy... always on time!"

  -Ianthia r., Client

"Saoud Arikat is the most professional person I have ever had the privilege of doing business with. My wife and I were very picky in our search for our first home. Saoud was very good at scheduling houses for us to see. We looked at over 90 homes before we found the one we really wanted. Saoud remained patient and never pressured us at all during the process. He was extremely knowledgable and quick in answering all of our questions. He made the entire home buying process very smooth and fun! The day he handed us our keys to our first home was very rewarding. I would highly recommend Saoud to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. He still answers questions I have in a timely manner to this day and it has been a year since we moved into our home/ Without the help of our good friend and neighbor Saoud, we would not have the beautiful home we live in today. Thanks Saoud!"

  -Alex W., Client

"Saoud was knowledgeable, professional, and above all trustworthy. Never felt like we were out of the loop. He kept us informed from A to Z. He has a calm and reassuring demeanor that made us feel comfortable through the whole process. I would highly recommend Saoud."

  -Sam A., Client

"Saoud was great, showing us homes for over a year before we found our house. He is very professional knows exactly what his clients want and goes above and beyond to provide excellent service. If you are looking for a place to call home and aren't sure where to start Saoud is definitely the guy you want to go with."

  -Carlos P., Client
"Saoud's greatest strength and help was his communication with the seller and sellers broker. He let them know we were very interested and helped us through the process to be the winning offer in our first offer. We were not originally the highest offer so his communication and tireless follow up was the difference in us having the opportunity to buying the house we are in love with. None of this would have been possible without his excellent communication with us and the sellers broker. We are very grateful."

  -Jeff M., Client

"It was a pleasure to work with a professional who understands his field of work from A to Z and able to guide through the process as smooth as possible. I really enjoyed working on purchasing my house with the help of Saoud Arikat and I am looking forward to working with him in the future."

  -Greg B., Client

"Saoud is so attentative and communicated all the time. Even after the closing he still checks in. There was an instant trust when we met him. We meet with a few agents prior and just didn't feel right so we didn't move forward. He looked out for us and educated us on this journey. We can never thank him enough for getting us into our home."

  -Kamal-Sharon H., Client

"Saoud is the best realtor I have ever worked with. He is compassionate, organized, thoughtful, and very competent. It is easy to endorse him to others. I have nothing but positive things to say about our experience."

  -Otto and Jyoti J., Client

"As first-time homebuyers, my wife and I could not have asked for someone better than Saoud to guide us through the process. It was clear from the start that he had our best interests at heart. His very warm personality stood out from the beginning, and throughout the homebuying process he was impressively responsive, professional, and quick to explain things when we had questions. We will definitely be recommending Saoud to friends and family in the area when they begin their homebuying journey!"

  -Alexander "Alec" B., Client

"We were completely happy with Saoud's services. We spoke with him several months ago about possibility of moving. He kept us updated but with zero pressure until we were ready to put house on market. Once listed, it sold in 3 days. Pretty amazing."

  -Dru W., Client
"Saoud was wonderful to work with as my husband and I both sold our house in Antioch and bought a new one in Brentwood. He walked us through every step of the process (which was important as we're not very experienced as home buyers) and helped us to understand what needed to happen at every stage. He had great recommendations for local services (painter, movers, cleaner, etc) and put us at ease during what is inevitably a super stressful process. We're happily in our new home and grateful to Saoud for his friendly, dependable service."

  -Ismael and Vanessa R. (Sale and Purchase), Client

"Everything was PERFECT! All the strengths below apply and there is nothing more to add. Thank you Saoud and ZipRealty! Michael & Shaina"

  -Shaina, Client

"My Fiance' and I were looking to relocate to the East Bay to be closer to our family. We asked our family and friends for a really good real estate agent and they happily recommended Saoud. Our journey to find our forever home took nine months. Saoud never gave up on us...we are picky with what we wanted and where we wanted to live. Saoud gave us information on neighborhoods that we never thought or knew of, he listened and knew our style and characters we wanted in our home, he was so responsive to our calls and his commitment in helping us during our nine months shows his full dedication of his work. We are now in our beautiful forever home because of Saoud. We are happy clients of his and if you use his services you will be too."

  -Pamela H., Client